My name is Vicky Wang, I am an MA International Broadcast Journalism student at Birmingham City University. This blog is used for recording my working diary of Production lab, a preview video clip of my final MA project STREET ART IN DIGBETH. 

Nice to meet you and thanks for reading!


Wednesday 15th April, 2015

Today, I visit one of my friends Sirui Liu, who had study post-production at university for four years. He is going to teach me how to create video effects and how to chose different angles to film.

He also gives me some ideas about filming. For example, when the Graffiti artist is painting, use high-speed photography to film the spray lacquer and use time-lapse photography to express his work. A really nice conversation with him, and provide me inspiration to do my work. After I back to my place, I have done some research about the high-speed photography and time-lapse photography.

Here is the method to do those two kinds of shots:

A snapshot of high-speed photography (and how to do it) by Phred Petersen.

How to shoot time-lapse photography: The massive updated tutorial by Ryan under